BBBF Discusses The Evolution Of ICT And Its Ramifications

Manama, Bahrain – February 1, 2015: Bahrain British Business Forum (BBBF) conducted an event in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in which keynote speaker Mr. Ravi Jayasundera, CEO of SysProve Consulting and information and communication technology (ICT) professional with 25 years of experience in government and private sectors, discussed the evolution of ICT and its ramifications.

Mr. Jayasundera noted that ICT has undoubtedly become an essential part of our life, but it can be – like other things – a double-edged sword. In particular, its development and proliferation have opened up an ever-increasing number of ways for theft and fraud, such as identify theft, credit card fraud, hacking of personal devices, cyber-bullying, and others. A recent study by Intel showed that 20 people fall victim to identity theft alone every single minute.

Furthermore, Mr. Jayasundera shared a number of tips and recommendations individuals and organisations must follow to properly use these technologies and protect their information and enhance confidentiality, as well as mitigating risks of using social media and guarding against phishing scams on personal computers and devices.