New Delhi, India – Christmas is more than elaborate meals, cheerily-wrapped gifts and parties with a formal dress code. It’s also about sharing joy and festivities. The real spirit of Christmas lies in opening hearts to the less privileged. BONJOUR, the largest manufacturer of Socks in India has been celebrating Christmas with thousands of homeless people since years by making their feet warmer with new woolen BONJOUR Socks.

Socks are among the most needed items at homeless shelters, yet among the least-often donated. Even regular donors of clothing such as coats and pants will usually wear their own socks until they have holes and then throw them away. Because of the shortage, the nation’s homeless population is constantly at risk of serious foot disease and, during winter months, in severe danger posed by the cold.

There were celebrations aplenty at all the 11 exclusive stores of BONJOUR where Santa Claus greeted the customers with sweets and gifts. Santa Claus also appealed to all the shoppers to become a part of BONJOUR’s special initiative of distribution of woolen socks to the homeless and needy.  Hundreds of people staying at various shelter homes in Kashmere Gate were overwhelmed to receive new socks from BONJOUR

BONJOUR distributes more than thousand pairs of new socks every Christmas to the people in need. Mr. R.K. Jain, MD of the Bonjour Group has been a social server and has been doing a free distribution of BONJOUR woolen socks every winter since years to the homeless people in Delhi and making their Christmas special.

Mr. R.K. Jain, MD of Bonjour Group says the gratitude he has witnessed from dispossessed people served with new socks has been overwhelming. “Sometimes, it is important to be told that God loves you, especially when you are poor. This campaign/initiative is so heart-warming. Over the past few years, many homeless people have told me that the socks are the most important clothing item in winters. For them, socks are more important than food to survive in the callous winters of Delhi. These destitute people know of many pantries and shelters where they can get food, but that there’s no way they can walk the streets of Delhi in winters without socks. We/The BONJOUR team tries to bring smiles on the faces of the homeless people every Christmas.”

Bonjour was established in 1989 with the vision of becoming first Indian multinational socks brand. Known as the manufacturer of the most versatile and largest socks range producing company, Bonjour is also considered as the most respected brand for its quality standards and services attached to it.