elmood: the new collection

Hong Kong – Elmood, the home-grown furniture brand is pleased to launch its brand new range of hand-crafted solid wood furniture. This design-led collection, crafted in collaboration with Italian designer Giordano Caldarini, is designed in Elmood’s traditionally modern style, offering a statement of sophisticated functionality.

“The outlook and design is simple yet sophisticated. The pieces are a statement of classic craftsmanship using skills that have been passed down for generations combined with the most innovative, modern techniques,” says William Chiang, Founder and Head Designer.

Hong Kongers know only too well the battle for space, inspiring Elmood’s determination to provide furniture which is conceptual as well as compatible. In line with Elmood’s passion for sustainability, each piece in the collection is made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) oak and walnut, offering an artistic contrast between the dark and light wood, highlighting the collection’s charming design details.

The Tones Cabinet showcases Elmood’s desire to bring together the traditionally modern style and allow functionality and elegance to coexist, making each piece an exceptional statement. It features unique rolling vintage shutter doors making the art of serving wine a conversational occasion. The Tones Display Shelf combines craftsmanship and design-led style, ideal for those looking to minimise on space without forfeiting artistry. The Ubei Cabinet is a piece in the collection showcasing a range of dark and light timbers, highlighting the subtle design details.

The Elmood collection is available at www.elmood.hk or through appointment at the showroom on +852 2542 0982 or info@elmood.hk.