the seventh annual scad sidewalk arts festival welcomed spring with a celebration of young creative talent in hong kong

Hong Kong – SCAD’s UNESCO-awarded campus was transformed into a vibrant, multicultural celebration of color and creativity last Saturday during the seventh annual SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival. In a 45% increase in participants from last year 215 students joined in converting the university’s parking lot into Hong Kong’s largest chalkboard with their unique designs. Muses ranged from mythology to nature, Disney and local traditions, while food vendors, DJs and a live band kept participants entertained and fueled for creativity throughout the day.

The annual SCAD Chalk Festival was open to both students from SCAD and local high schools and celebrated the best of local young talent. This year’s festival saw students from eight local schools participating and the unique and ambitious designs of five prospective students winning them scholarships to SCAD’s summer program courses.

This year’s SCAD Sprit Prize was won by the Drawing Club, a team of seven SCAD students who created a design that explored the hashtag symbol as a powerful tool of communication, and the unity and diversity it allows. The student prize for Best Group was taken home by Robin Ragavaloo and Soemaya Anand, both Junior year students, while Sydney Seekford won the Best Individual Square with her design of a colorful woman.

Elsewhere on campus Meredith Lear, Professor of Foundations, and Cory Quach, Professor of Fashion Marketing and Management, led fully booked out workshops giving insights into life as a student at SCAD.