easy to use endless comes to thailand aiming at bringing new users to the pc market

BANGKOK – Endless Computers announced the launch of its Operating System (OS) in Thailand today, bringing a new dimension to Thailand’s PC landscape. This is the first Endless launch in Southeast Asia.

Endless is free, secure, easy to use and virus-resistant. The Endless OS is free for download onto all PCs and is also pre-loaded onto some PCs brands in Thailand. The Endless OS is also available in Thai language.

The Endless OS is bringing a new choice to Thai PC users who have long been trapped with challenging choices for software. The Endless OS will help to create more connected people and communities and will give more people access to information and technology that in turn can improve their lives.

The Endless OS essentially provides Thai PCs users with a new option for software.  Traditionally, Thai PC users have had to either purchase proprietary software, use pirated software or, for those with strong IT skills, use open source software. The result is clear that majority of Thai PC users have opted for the inexpensive, but high-risk pirated software products.

With a vision of the whole world empowered, Endless is building software focused on bridging the digital divide.  Endless is also taking aim at eliminating software piracy in Thailand by offering all PC users in Thailand a free and secure operating system.

“A computer – not just a phone – is fundamental to being able to have a full education, and a truly empowered job prospect. And yet many people in Thailand and the world cannot afford a PC. Ask a mother if she wants her child to have a computer for school, and you will find almost every one of them answering ‘of course!’ and yet the world is so mobile and cloud obsessed that it has forgotten that most of the world doesn’t have PCs and doesn’t have cloud.  Our goal is to make it so that every person on this planet who wants to have a PC with Internet can have one. Cost, and cost of Internet, are the barriers. We are set on solving that. We are beginning with that, at scale, in Thailand,” said Matt Dalio, Endless CEO and Chief of Product.

The Endless OS is focused on ensuring that everyone in Thailand has the opportunity to have the most powerful computing devices available for education and work.  But today, cost is a barrier.  Globally, the cost of one GB of data is two percent per capital GDP, while the average broadband PC user consumes 60 times that.

Endless is focused on making a computer that is great on any Internet connection. By catching vast quantities of content and refreshing that content when data is available, a computer is able to be useful even on slow, spotty and costly Internet connections.

Internet is fast, but is capped. A one GB data plan is sufficient for a phone. However, for PCs, users consume an average of 60 GB every month. Phones are built upon apps, making them useful on small data plans. PCs are based entirely on browsers, making them consume more data than phones. Endless has built its software on an app-centric paradigm, which means that computers can be useful on any kind of Internet connection, even when data is limited.

Endless is meant to harness the infrastructure that the government is building, making the most of the data that is being provided. By refreshing people’s computers while they are in public Wi-Fi zones, they can take their computers home and still use them for school and work.

A major feature of the Endless OS are the pre-loaded apps. Endless comes with more than 100 free apps and powerful tools that don’t require an Internet connection. It includes an Encyclopedia with articles in Thai, an office suite and educational games for kids to learn while having fun. The newest addition to the Endless OS App Center is Steam, the world’s largest online gaming platform. Content is updated regularly and new Thai apps will be added as new local partnerships are made.

As part of its national Thailand 4.0 effort, the Ministry of Digital Economy will roll out broadband to more than 30,000 villages across Thailand, providing millions of people with free Wi-Fi by 2018. The Endless OS is an excellent complement to this effort.

“The last mile of connection is often the most challenging,” said Dalio. “We made Endless with efforts such as this in mind.”

Endless is partnering with PC makers Acer and Asus globally. Both Acer and Asus are pre-loading the Endless OS onto PCs. Endless is also coordinating marketing campaigns in Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Central America and Mexico.

Central AmericaCentral America“Many of us have had the blessing of having the most powerful technology unfold countless opportunities for us. And yet most of the world doesn’t’ have that. Our goal is to make it so that everyone has these same opportunities that a PC can truly deliver,” said Dalio.