pure fitness launches “welcome to the zone”

Hong Kong – Today Pure Fitness launches ‘Welcome to the Zone’, an exploration of the raw and real emotion of being totally immersed in exercise. Getting ‘In the Zone’ encapsulates what it means to hit one’s peak and how the body and brain react both physically and chemically to reach a state of effortless performance, heightened focus and a euphoric high.

“Pure Fitness has the optimal environment, equipment and programmes for getting into the zone. Most importantly, our people have the expertise to work with customers, motivating them to set and achieve the right goals. Reaching one’s zone is a very personal experience, so we emphasize multiple options (like our new Small Group Training classes) and personalisation, empowering our customers to find their own zone as naturally as possible,” says Pure Group CEO Colin Grant.

Best-in-industry equipment, innovative programmes, diverse training options and an international team of passionate Group Fitness instructors and PTA Global-certified Personal Trainers comprise the complete offerings that Pure Fitness equips its clients with to get in the zone.

“Anyone can get in the zone given the right guidance,” says Marco Ferdinandi, Regional Director of Fitness Operations, Pure Fitness. “At Pure Fitness, we try to remove all the distractions and bring participants into their fitness moments, fully focused on the present to reach their zone, or as psychologists call it – flow.”

Pure Fitness has engaged with professionals in the area of sports psychology to explore the biological implications of getting “In the Zone”. Dr. Tom J. Barry, Assistant Professor in Experimental Psychopathology at The University of Hong Kong points to research that suggests, “that the experience of flow [getting in the zone] has been associated with increased activity in brain regions which are associated with the pursuit of goals as well as feelings of being in control.” According to Dr. Barry, the zone is, “a place where total concentration feels effortless and time may seem to slow down; where self-awareness is stripped away and attention becomes focused on the challenges ahead.”

Hong Kong Society of Sport and Exercise Psychology Vice-President and author of Mindfulness and Performance, Karen Lo, states, “an athlete in the zone is aware that they are performing well in their sport, but they do not really need to think about how to do it.  In this state, they produce large amounts of neurochemistry, pleasure-inducing and performance-enhancing chemicals, which heighten creativity, concentration and engagement in the activity.”

The recently introduced Small Group Training (SGT) classes at Pure Fitness Kinwick Centre attests to Pure’s ongoing commitment in providing fresh, engaging and inspiring fitness tools. Through using diverse training methods and functional movements at a constant high intensity, SGT prevents plateaus in exercise and keeps workouts interesting to effectively steer participants on the right path to reach ‘The Zone’.

Regional Director of Fitness Operations Marco says, “Pure Fitness has a unifying training philosophy that revolves around our 5 Elements. Encompassing mindset, 3D movement, metabolic, strength/power and recovery/regeneration, our approach balances all the physical and mental requirements needed for optimal training. The importance of an optimal mindset for exercise can often be overlooked, however it’s an element we always integrate into our training and programmes. At Pure, we have the expertise and tools in place to ensure customers get the most out of their experience, and ultimately find their zone.”