BAB And BIBF Launch Bahrain Banks Annual Review 2014

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From left: Burhanu Deen Jayah – Head of Centre for Banking and Research, BIBF; Jarmo Kotilaine – Chief Economist, Bahrain EDB; Solveig Nicklos – Director at BIBF; Robert Ainey – Chief Executive, BAB; James Grant-Morris – Editor, BAB

Wednesday, 4 February 2015: The Bahrain Association of Banks (BAB) and BIBF are pleased to launch of The Bahrain Banks Annual Review 2014, the most comprehensive survey of banks registered in Bahrain and part of long-term project the maintain a database on the performance and competitiveness of the banking sector in Bahrain.

The annual publication, the first study of its kind in the region, contains a detailed analysis of Bahrain’s domestic banking sector and how it compares with other countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the wider global banking sector. It has been researched and compiled jointly by BAB and BIBF and based on data sourced from Bureau van Dijk, a leading global provider of company information and business intelligence solutions. The Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) is the lead sponsor.

The Bahrain Banks Annual Review 2014 is an extensive work of reference which looks in close detail at Bahrain’s 34 registered banks over the five-year period ending in 2013. As well as detailing the key indicators of Bahrain’s banking sector the publication also compares and contrasts the conventional and Islamic and retail and wholesale categories and how individual banks have performed according to standard industry criteria.

Robert Ainey, the Chief Executive of BAB stated: “This publication demonstrates that Bahrain has the most transparent banking sector in the Middle East and one which values genuine empirical research. The fruits of The Bahrain Banks Annual Review 2014 will become apparent when banks and financial organisations use the raw data and the trends it identifies to maintain a competitive edge and develop products that demonstrate the innovation and creativity that drives the thriving financial services sector in Bahrain.”

This was reiterated by Solveig Nicklos, Director at BIBF who said: “The collaboration with BAB and Bureau van Dijk is a prime example of our commitment not only to advancing human capital but also to support the banking sector by providing research and advisory services. Research is a major component of thought leadership, one that we are keen to employ as the sector looks towards its next phase of development.”

The 80-page review, which will be available in both hard copy and online, follows on from the inaugural Bahrain Banks Annual Review 2012 which was launched in April 2013. It will be accompanied by a 384 page in-depth analysis of individual banks in Bahrain which is also based on data sourced from Bureau van Dijk.