BIBF Hosts CBB and Federal Reserve’s Training Program

Manama, BIBF – 28 February 2014: The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) and the Federal Reserve System recently concluded a training programme at BIBF on “Bank Analysis and Examination”, specifically designed for central bank supervisors. The five-day programme focused on risk-management and analytical concepts that apply to all areas of supervision including examinations, inspections, surveillance and applications.

Participants comprised of executives from the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, and the Central Banks of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and Jordan, involved in risk-focused supervision, risk management processes, bank examination, loan classification, and surveillance.

The programme was led by Federal Reserve System Assistant Director Mr. Sarkis Yoghourtdjian, and Senior Supervisory Analysts Messieurs. Jose Pignano and Robert Walker.
“In the evolving regulatory landscape in the financial sector, regulators face an imminent need to upgrade knowledge, skills and technological competence of the workforce. From this perspective, the training conducted by experienced instructors from the FED on various practical aspects of on-site inspection was a great success as it focused the attention towards supervisory best practices and techniques to carry out efficient risk-focused inspection of licensees. I would like to thank Mr. Sarkis Yoghourtdijan, Mr. Jose Pignano and Mr. Robert Walker for their insightful presentations and the BIBF for the seamless organisation of the workshop”, Maha Abdulla, Director-Inspection at the CBB.

BIBF Director Solveig Nicklos noted the importance of the programme and praised the CBB’s initiative to support regulators in the region in the areas of financial regulation and analysis, further establishing Bahrain’s position as a the financial hub of the Middle East, and as a leading facilitator of knowledge”.

“BIBF’s role as the training arm of the Central banks extends beyond bankers and other financial services employees to regulators and bank supervisors, both locally and regionally. We are proud of our contribution as programme facilitator and of the relationships we have built with regulators in the region as a result of the training. We have worked with the Federal Reserve in the past and certainly look forward to future opportunities to share their experiences and expertise with our participants”, added BIBF’s Head of Centre for Banking Deen Jayah.

Attendees were taught the principles of internal controls, information systems, and supervisory strategies, as well as the use of Uniform Bank Performance Reports (UBPR) and the CAMELS bank rating system. The programme also included an introductory analysis and classification of loans, and the application of risk-focused examination techniques to a bank.