Latest Trends in ICT, Broadcasting And Digital Multimedia To Spur Growth Of Malaysian Businesses

Kuala Lumpur, 15 April 2015 – Global mobile connections have passed the seven billion mark – a figure akin to the global population. In Malaysia, over 66 per cent of the population are Internet users – anticipated to hit the 25 million mark this year.

Multi-screen consumption of content has thrown control to the hands of the consumer like never before. Enterprise mobility has become ingrained in consumers’ lives and transformed the workplace where employees not only have choice in devices, but applications too.

These technologies and more will come to life at the CommunicAsia2015, EntepriseIT2015 and BroadcastAsia2015 to be held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, from 2 – 5 June 2015.

Featuring the latest innovations, business insights and networking platforms, the event will provide industry members an exclusive peek into future global megatrends that will impact the local business and consumer marketplace. These technological advances will further spur the growth of Malaysian businesses in many ways.

Malaysia kicked-off the development of the National IoT (Internet of Things) Blueprint last year, creating a good foundation for the future of IoT growth in the country. The concept of IoT is based on technological change that will enable transfer of data without human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. The Blueprint is also anticipated to help Malaysia become an IoT-friendly country that will be able to attract experts and companies from all over the world to participate in the local IoT ecosystem.

“The IoT trend has taken well to Malaysian shores, and Malaysia is well on its way to becoming a key player in the IoT economy, given its conducive ecosystem. This advent will bring with it opportunities and challenges for businesses involved with mobility management, big data analytics, media consumption and more. It is certainly a not-to-be-missed opportunity to capitalize upon for key stakeholders in Malaysia,” says Mr. Victor Wong, Project Director of event organiser, Singapore Exhibition Services.

In addition to IoT, other technological progresses in Malaysia include the launch of ‘Connected Government’, 3D printing, smart machines, and cloud/client computing.

Major Malaysian companies exhibiting at the event are Blanco Ltd., EfficientIP, Joget Workflow and Measat Global Berhad alongside major regional and global players within the industry.

Things to expect at CommunicAsia2015 and EnterpriseIT2015:

The events have three key themes to represent the latest technological progress in communication industry: NXT Cities, NXT Enterprises and NXT Connected Lifestyles.

NXT Connected Lifestyle (NEW): The extensive use of mobile devices and improvements in technologies has led to a high convergence of personal and professional lives. Hyper-connected businesses and consumers will be provided with solutions and ideas at the new NXT Connected Lifestyle showcase. Feature technologies include smart home/living solutions, multi-screen technology, connected devices, sensors, M2M, IoT, connected car applications, wireless technologies and many more.

NXT Cities: Governments and private organizations are working more closely than ever to drive sustainable economic growth and improve citizens’ quality of life. This will lead us to an integrated, connected smart city. ICT technologies that are designed to improve city operations in the areas of banking and finance, education, healthcare, hospitality, public safety, retail, transportation and utilities will be on showcase at NXT Cities.

NXT Enterprises: In the hyper-connected world, businesses need innovations to help overcome challenges in today’s digitised landscape. NXT Enterprises will help businesses overcome these challenges with new ideas and solutions. Technologies in areas of big data and analytics, BYOD, mPayment, cloud, enterprise mobility and security among many others will empower the workforce, increase mobility and efficiency.

Exhibitors to note include Akamai, Dell, CDNetworks, FiberHome, Kaltura, KAONMEDIA, Irdeto, PCCW Global, Soliton Systems and Technicolor.

SatComm2015 is a part of CommunicAsia2015 as a strategic platform for the satellite communication industry. Over 160 satellite-based companies from around the world will address key issues within Asia-Pacific’s mobile ecosystem. Representatives include Intelsat, Inmarsat, SES, Siemens, ST Elecetronics, and more from over 20 countries and regions around the world.

CommunicAsia2015 Summit

World business leaders form top tech conglomerates and specialised experts will dish out valuable insights at this year’s CommunicAsia2015 Summit. Defining content that is shaping the future of today’s global ICT landscape, a suite of C-level speakers and industry experts will be sharing the value IoT brings, digitisation of the media landscape and how they can bring enterprise mobility to the next level.

Things to expect at BroadcastAsia2015:

On-demand consumption of media has brought about the trend of ‘TV Everywhere’. With increased use of social media and consumer mobility due to the IoT, the broadcasting landscape has changed significantly. TV has now become a critical sector in the broadcasting industry as high definition and 3D is now available to consumers in the comfort of their homes.

At BroadcastAsia2015, visitors can expect a wide range of broadcasting technologies and innovations impacting consumer experience of visual, audio and more in the following arenas:

TV Everywhere! Zone (NEW): Consumption of media is now available for consumer comfort with smartphones, tablets or smart TVs. The new TV Everywhere! Zone will showcase solutions from authentication, monetisation, network & device management, OTT, security, storage and more. Major exhibitors include Accedo, ALi Corp, Arris, Aveco, Brightcove, Ericsson, Limelight, Montage Tech, Quick Play, Rovi, Seachange and Vimod among others.

ProfessionalAudioTechnology2015: The ProfessionalAudioTechnology2015 zone will showcase latest technologies and expertise on pro audio. Major exhibitors include AEQ, Calrec, CDA, Digigram, Lawo, Mier, Percon, RCS, Roland, Sonifex, Stagetec, Telos Alliance, Winmedia, Wohler, XN3 and Yamaha.

The Cinematography / Film / Production Zone: The techniques employed by the production teams and houses determine the fun and thrill of a movie experience. This zone will share the latest trends, developments and innovative technologies to provide audiences with a visual feast and unforgettable experience. Major exhibitors include Canon, Cine Equipment, Jebsen, Kino Flo, Mathews, Panther, Red Digital Camera, Rosco, The Media Village and more.

BroadcastAsia2015 International Conference

Traditional TV viewing is getting replaced by non-linear ways. Broadcasters, channels and networks need to innovate their services in order to maintain a secure foothold in the latest broadcasting environment. BroadcastAsia2015 International Conference is specially designed to tackle the commercial and technical challenges stakeholders need to overcome to achieve a profitable TV everywhere service. Main topics of the conference include OTT expansion into new territories, innovating TV service with intelligent analytics tools, immersive TV technologies, cloud distribution and network virtualisation, and digital broadcasting standards and technologies.

The Creative Content Production Conference will host some of industry’s most creative minds and emerging content developers. Together they will examine the evolving market landscape and discuss effective strategies to succeed in Asia’s film and TV arena. Conference topics include fostering collaborations and co-productions, monetising a successful transmedia strategy, financing and distribution best practices, and alternative financing options among others.