SCW Concludes Youth Training Programme


The Supreme Council for Women (SCW) concluded the youth oratory and promotional training skills programme.
The training course took place in the period March 22-26 at the SCW’s premises with participation of employees and members of the Youth Committee.

The programme aims to form the nucleus of young generation and to familiarise them with the objectives and jurisdictions of the SCW in various local circles, invest youthful energies in the field of supporting women’s issues, brush up their communicative, speechmaking and presentation skills .

The programme provides brief presentations about the SCW, its programmes and projects aimed at women and the community in line with the National Plan for Revival of Bahraini Women in addition to awards and initiatives which contributed to the empowerment of Bahrain women and their inclusion in national development.

Also, officials from the SCW’s General Secretariat talked about the duties of the Council’s various departments within the limits of its jurisdictions.