New Thalun Early Learning Center Fills Shortage of International Standard Pre-schools in Yangon, Myanmar

YANGON, MYANMAR—Parents seeking a safe and stimulating pre-school for their young children are invited to a series of Open Days for Thalun International School’s first Early Learning Childhood Center, in Golden Valley, Ward2 Kamaryut Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

The Thalun center is a welcome addition as there is a shortage of trusted international-standard pre-schools and school places in Myanmar. Working parents enrolling their children at the Thalun center have peace of mind, knowing that their sons and daughters are happy and learning in safe surroundings.

The TELC uses the US-based Creative Curriculum to offer two- to four-year old children the opportunity to learn through exploring and discovering the environment around them.

“We help our children develop confidence, creativity and critical thinking skills by providing activities beyond the classroom, “saidPrincipal Maria Abril, an experienced Philippine educator who has worked in schools in Myanmar, the Philippines and Vietnam.

The TELC is currently accepting applicants into three different class levels: toddlers, preschool, and pre-kindergarten. Each class is staffed with two teachers and four assistant teachers.

The English-language curriculum, adapted to Myanmar culture, relies on the latest child development research and theories. It encourages students to be independent, enthusiastic learners through a balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated learning activities. In addition to language skills, the curriculum also focuses on children’s social, emotional, and physical development to ensure that pupils get a well-rounded education.

“We help identify a child’s talents and interests, and nurture them to be independent learners. Our children develop confidence, creativity and critical thinking skills by learning through playing and by providing activities beyond the classroom,” said Ms Abril.

“Within our secure and stimulating environment, our children are happy and naturally learn more. And parents always want to know that their children are happy and learning at school.”

The TELC is based in Than Lwin Road, Golden Valley Ward 2, Kamayut Township, Yangon. The bright colorful facilities include a Dramatic Play Center and a Discovery Center, with themes changing every month as well as a reading area. In addition to regular classrooms, there is kitchen and dining space for lunch and snacks.

The center’s children also have the opportunity to play outdoors on an innovative playground designed to stimulate and exercise young minds and bodies.