For 2015, the Indian business sector isn’t just thinking regionally—they’re thinking globally.


In remarks at the first-ever Arab-Asia Business Partnership Summit, held from December 9-11, 2014, at the Bahrain International Convention Center in Manama, Bahrain, Mr. Chandrajith Banerjee, Director General  of the Confederation Of Indian Industry praised conference delegates, saying, “The Arab-Asia summit opens up the whole of Asia to interact on a global platform.” The event, aimed at strengthening business partnerships between the two regions, featured India as its first-ever focus country, providing a platform for corporate and governmental delegates from India, Bahrain, and the entire Arab-Asian region to explore collaborative business solutions and investment and trade opportunities at the end of a year where Indian-Bahraini economic relations are flourishing.

Banerjee’s remarks highlighted that steady growth in relations—and emphasized the participation of the Bahraini government and Bahrain’s industrial sector in building business partnerships and cordial relationships with Indian companies, governments, and the Indian diaspora in Bahrain. He also extrapolated to delegates the results of the Bahrain and CII partnership, which has recently led to CII opening an office in Bahrain: an enhanced competitiveness for Indian industry, increase productivity and profitability, an enhanced quality of life for Indian communities, and a strategic locational advantage to India that provides it a springboard to not only the Arab-Asian region, but the rest of the world.  He stressed that India fully intends to utilize the opportunities opening up to it in global markets, and called for companies from around the Arab-Asian region to consider investment, business opportunities, and the potential of customer demand available in India today.

Mr. Banerjee emphasized Indian enthusiasm for a more active regional and global economy and positioned India as an emerging hub for business prospects. He underlined CII’s active commitment to facilitate a welcoming business environment and engage proactively with any challenges along the way, and reminded delegates that that commitment is backed by a track record that saw CII’s Bahrain office open only a few months after in-depth talks that included the Indian ambassador to Bahrain and Indian Foreign Minister.

In the end, Mr. Banerjee gave thanks to what might prove India’s greatest strength in expanding into economic global dominance: India’s diaspora community, whose ties to India’s flourishing industrial sectors will be strengthened by CII’s expansion into international offices, alongside the investment and trade opportunities these satellite offices will create. Mr. Banerjee emphasized the work of Indians living in Bahrain for facilitating events surrounding the Arab-Asia Business Partnership Summit and, more broadly, working actively to deepen the strength of business relations with Bahrain as part of the growing global market.

For Mr. Banerjee, CII, and India’s business community, the first Arab-Asia Business Partnership Summit was only the beginning of a long journey of international cooperation with colleagues from all around the world—a forward-thinking outlook that should see Indian business hit its stride globally in the near future.

“For 2015, the Indian business sector isn’t just thinking regionally—they’re thinking globally.”