Product Placement – DermoViva Baby Range of Products

Dubai – December 1, 2015: An infant’s skin is 30 per cent thinner than that of an adult’s and so it needs extra special attention during the first few years of life. Since it can lose moisture quickly and is prone to irritation, a baby’s skin needs the mild and gentle care of natural hygiene products that can help maintain an ideal pH balance. Dermoviva launched its new Baby range of products that is developed to provide careful protection and nourishment to an infant’s soft and tender skin.

The DermoViva Baby range of products is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, and free of harmful chemicals such as paraffins, parabens, sulphates and phthalates. The entire range is fortified with the natural goodness of virgin olive oil extracts and has the ideal pH levels for baby’s skin. The baby care range nourishes and protects the baby’s skin, while the hair care range gently cleanses and conditions hair and scalp.

The complete range of DermoViva Baby consists of Olive Massage Oil, Olive Shampoo, Olive Moisturising Lotion, Olive Soft Cream, Olive Enriched powder, and DermoViva Baby Olive Soap. Olive Massage Oil (available in 200 ml bottle) and Olive Moisturising Lotion (available in 200 and 500 ml bottles) have a mild formula that gently nourishes, moisturizes and calms baby’s delicate skin to make it soft and smooth. Olive Shampoo (200 and 500 ml bottles), comes with a tear free formula that mildly cleanses hair and scalp. Olive Soft Cream’s (100 ml tube) gentle formulation moisturizes baby’s skin all through the day, while the delicately-scented Olive Enriched Powder (300 gm bottle) helps to absorbs excess moisture for a refreshing skin. Lastly, DermoViva Baby Olive Soap is enriched with moisturizer to gently clean baby’s skin.