Tycoon Tann Celebrates Hong Kong’s Culture with Solo Exhibition by local emerging artist Lewis Lau

Hong Kong – In time for Hong Kong Art Week, Tycoon Tann announces its upcoming solo exhibition with local emerging artist Lewis Lau. Celebrating the roots of Hong Kong’s culture through dining and art, the lifestyle destination located on Wellington Street will display new artworks from 16 March to 31 March 2016.

“At Tycoon Tann we celebrate Hong Kong and its art by supporting talented emerging artists to showcase their pieces at our place. We are delighted to showcase works that inspire creative discussions at the dinner table and bar, blending the worlds of art and food,” says Cherry Lo, Executive Director of bma Catering Management.

The new pieces by Lewis Lau on display in Tycoon Tann’s dining rooms are from his new collection entitled “The Notion of Time”. All works are oil paintings of an abandoned playground that express the insecurities and loneliness in different stages of life, exploring the notion of time in terms of memory. Taken from photographs, each object that is painted has a personal connection with the artist, whether to a feeling or memory created during his life in the city, inviting his audience in turn to reflect on their memories and life events that make them who they are today.

Tycoon Tann’s diners are welcome to purchase any of the five works that adorn the walls. Priced at HKD 30,000 each, half the amount will be donated to a charity close the hearts of both Cherry Lo and Lewis Lau, Food Angel by Bo Charity Foundation. The organisation’s mission is to reduce food waste at source, alleviate hunger, relieve poverty and educate the next generation.

Bar Manager Kenny Yuen has worked together with the artist to craft a cocktail entitled Retrieve(HKD160) for art lovers. Made with plum infused Beefeater gin, St. Germain, lychee liqueur, apple juice, lemon juice, syrup and plum powder, this cocktail is inspired by the works of Lewis Lau.