Dubai – The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) successfully organized its Partner Forum 2016 today (April 25, 2016) at the St. Regis Hotel in Dubai. The event, which was attended by representatives of TRA’s strategic partners from the IT sector, e-Government, Support Services Sector, Telecommunications Sector and ICT Fund, is part of the authority’s commitment to enhance the role of its partners towards excellence and innovation–which is seen as an integral part of the TRA’s efforts to optimally utilize creativity in meeting requirements in excellence and leadership.

In his speech during the opening ceremony, H.E. Hamad Obaid AL Mansouri, Director General of TRA, said, ?Ever since the country established its constitution four decades ago, our founding fathers have sent the clear message that nations are not measured by their size, but by their impact in the world. We have also learned from them that cooperation, collaboration and teamwork plays an important role in creating valuable opportunities to enrich the national experiences and and making achievements that would have been just a day dream if not supported by open minds, high motivation, and sincere intentions under the banner of loyalty, patriotism and love of nation, and the true desire to influence in events.?

Al Mansouri added, ?Our wise leadership?s message is that nations today have options–either innovation or extinction. The UAE has identified its option early as it has made innovation a part of our culture, work style and approach to guide both the government and non-government institutions in their move to serve everyone. We see our partners as an integral part of our vision of how to use innovation and creativity to meet the requirements of the next generation, which is based on the principles of sustainability, integration and leadership.?

?The next period is full of challenges, and this is not surprising as the UAE?s continued journey to progress and development is always filled with challenges that touch the borders of miracles. What has been achieved in this country over the last four decades makes one think that he is living in virtual reality. The privacy of the UAE’s experience is that it is a mixed fantasy with reality or the virtual world with the real world. This provides humanity with a unique model that is based on reducing time, overcoming challenges and having victory in construction, development and our other battles. This was not possible without the team spirit instilled in us by our founding fathers and the determination to overcome challenges, which characterize the UAE people,? concluded Al Mansouri.

At the conclusion of the event, the TRA honored all of its strategic partners and affirmed its continued commitment to working closely with them as they have become key contributors to its success.

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