Hong Kong – Odinsona boutique fitness studio dedicated to the transformation of mind and body, is now open in Sheung Wan. Located at the Pemberton Building, the multi-floor wellness hub provides a balanced offering of personal training and yoga for optimal health.

Odinson?was designed to build a community of like-minded individuals who strive for balance within their mental and physical wellbeing. Personal training and private yoga led by a dedicated team is offered alongside group yoga and fitness sessions. The studio?s offering is tailored towards providing a maintainable routine for busy clients looking for sound results in an approachable environment.

The open and minimally designed space at?Odinson?is a haven to escape and immerse into physical and mental practice. Simple architecture is complemented by colourful murals designed by Used Pencil on the 12th?floor and graffiti artist Wais One on the 11th?floor, providing an energizing backdrop to a tranquil environment. A large and well-lit locker room stocked with shower necessities ensures that clients can comfortably and quickly freshen up before going on with their day.

Through bringing personal training and yoga together under one roof,?Odinson?provides the accessible means to achieve optimal health for mind and body. While personal training builds strength and achieves physical results, yoga simultaneously conditions the body and mind for overall personal wellness. Trainers aim to help clients achieve results through physical assessments and nutrition coaching along with physical exercise. Yoga instructors offer meditation sessions and workshops outside of their practice to help clients develop their personal practice.

?At Odinson, we target muscle groups with an understanding of the nervous system,? says?Joy Wang, Odinson?s Yoga Director. ?Using this methodology, we can focus on specific goals that not only reshape the muscles but also rewire our brain and our belief system regarding our potential. There are so many benefits to having the combination of these two seemingly opposing disciplines. In short, weight training is the ?yang? and yoga is the ?yin?.?

Experienced yoga teachers lead intimate, specialized, 90-minute group classes including?ACROVINYASA, Ashtanga,?Dharma,?Fly (hammock) yoga,?Forrest Inspired Yoga, Jivamukti, Prenatal Yoga?and?Yoga Nidra. Dedicated trainers lead small group high-intensity classes including the female-only?Wonder Woman?class, which offers complete attention to form and muscle activation techniques for women looking to build confidence and burn fat at the gym.?Total Body Conditioning?is a co-ed weight training, circuit, and strongman training class aimed at building strength and stamina throughout the workout.

Odinson?s?12th floor fitness area is home to?Mr. Green Juice, a premium-quality organic juicery and eatery with nourishing cold-pressed juices, nut milks, soups and salads that are raw and vegan friendly. Mr. Green Juice has also developed protein shakes exclusive to?Odinson.

Odinson?offers a variety of options including a monthly subscription of 4, 8, 12 or unlimited private?60-minute training or yoga sessions?for HKD3,600, HKD6,800 HKD9,600 and HKD12,000 respectively. All subscription packages include?complimentary unlimited group yoga and fitness classes. Drop in rates are available for 60 minute private sessions at HKD1000.

Small group classes are sold in packages including?10 sessions?for HKD2750,?20 sessions?for HKD5000 or?30 sessions?for HKD6750. For a limited time, new clients can enjoy unlimited group classes at a special price of HKD2000 per month. Drop-in single session group classes are also available for HKD300.

Odinson?has a?no-fee hold policy?for all private and group packages.

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