With Rakhshabandhan just around the corner, we know you are ready for some celebration. NOMAD, which is quintessentially & unapologetic-ally Rural Indian, has come up with its fabulous collection of Ghaghara, especially for the upcoming festivals.Yes, you read it right, the beautiful gypsy Ghaghara which not just allows you to celebrate colorful Indian roots but it is also jollification of freedom, of dance, of undulation.

Over the years, despite blending into the local cultures, one thing has remained constant across the nomadic tribes world over is the voluminous Skirt- Ghaghara.  Rural India unfashions confidently and proudly, therefore, NOMAD is bringing back the unique Indian culture & bohemian style in its collection of Ghaghara. The rural sartorial style is all about comfort and NOMAD strives to bring the freedom back by bringing the gypsy back with its Ghagharas. Fascinated by the brightly painted & printed floral patterns, “Chheent” is the signature print at NOMAD as they are intensely in love with the pattern & are on a mission to revive this stunning legacy which, over the years nearly lost out to stripes & checks.

To add in to your festival feel, NOMAD is running a special campaign for Rakshabandhan in which they are offering 10% discount on its entire range of stunning Ghaghara, Kurtis, Crop Tops, Tops and Dupattas till August 18.

So if you are planning to have a boho look this rakhshabandhan, then

 NOMAD is the ultimate destination for you to look extremely colorful yet so unique and elegant. For the brothers, who are looking for something to surprise their sisters with at this special occasion, go and grab a Ghaghara of her favorite color and make her feel special.

To enhance the beauty of your outfit, NOMAD has also come up with some beautiful pieces of delicate and stunning jewelry under another brand-NANI’KI. One can easily view and buy their dazzling collection at http://www.diariesofnomad.com/  to make their Rakhshabandhan colorful and exciting.

Ms. Harshita Gautam, Founder & Designer of NOMAD says, “We at NOMAD don’t do Fashion. We defy fashion by creating our own. We don’t follow, we lead. We “Unfashion”.  NOMAD was born out of fascination, the fascination with the India that lives in the villages; the India that is real & celebratory; is comfortable in its skin and in sync with nature and is incredibly colorful & fashionable. The irregularity in print and colors is the essence of our Ghaghara. Apart from being colorful and celebratory, these Ghaghara live in perfect harmony with nature. The collection is certainly one of the best gifting options as it will be one of the most sincere expressions of love and freedom which will always be appreciated & treasured”

These Ghagharas originally belonged to the gypsies that inhabited the Northern Indian regions. At NOMAD,Ghagharas are simple yet extremely aesthetic. With celebration forming the core of rural philosophy, there is a perpetual burst of colors on the garments lending them a unique charm. NOMAD was born out of fascination. The fascination with the India that lives in the villages; the India that is real & celebratory; is comfortable in its skin and in sync with nature and is incredibly colorful & fashionable. From the banjaras of India to the nomads of Afghanistan or Spain, the undulation of the garment carries in it a part of history lost in sandy winds of time.