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Hong Kong – When it comes to maintaining health, the initial go-to for urbanites is fitness centers, wholesome eateries and beauty salons. But, in reality, achieving optimal health is not that simple. Have you ever wondered why your efforts fall short on a strict nutrition plan and workout regimen?

The answer may lie in your unique genes.

We now have the ability to address genetic factors that guide us towards a much more targeted health and wellness program. We are all genetically unique but understanding the connection between our genes, diet and exercise can empower us to make better lifestyle choices. Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS), a leading expert and industry pioneer in integrating genomic testing into personal health management, offers a new Health & Wellness Genetic test. Understanding that your success is linked to factors associated with your specific DNA could help you achieve the results you?ve been striving for.

Genetics factors considered in selecting sports?

AGS Wellness Consultant, Mr. Mak Tze-Him says, ?It is difficult for some people to build muscle through resistance training, such as weight lifting. It could be because their genetically inclined to build subcutaneous fat instead of muscle. In this case, choosing an alternative activity such as cycling could provide greater health and physical benefits.?

DNA, the genetic material in our cells, governs our physical appearance, influences how our body functions, and explains why we react differently to exercise regimens and essential nutrients. By decoding our genetic makeup we are able to make well-informed, effective changes in our lifestyle to improve health and athletic performance.

For Ms. Mel Leung, one of AGS?s clients, the Health & Wellness Genetic test was a life-changer and successfully solved the mystery of why she failed to slim down for years. The piano teacher had tried herbal remedies, fad diets and many other methods to lose weight but none of them worked. After receiving her genetic test results, she realized her failure was because of her lack of understanding of her own body. ?From the results, it turned out my body has a tendency to crave sugar and it?s more sensitive to carbohydrate than protein. Even if I ate the same amount of rice as you did, two-thirds of it would turn into fat in my body versus one-third like in yours,? says Leung. ?Now that I know my body better, there?s no more guesswork of what works for me. I cannot change my genetic makeup, but I can modify my diet and exercise habits accordingly, to actually see results.?

The same applies for those who yearn for a better complexion. As explained by Stephanie Yeung, Business Development Manager (Dietitian) of AGS, the Health & Wellness Genetic test can find out your body?s absorption of different nutrients and vitamins. Although vitamin A-rich vegetables such as pumpkins, carrots and spinach are essential for good skin, it is genetically difficult for some people to transform vitamin A from such food to usable forms. It is recommended that these people take vitamin A supplements. Identifying the problem through AGS testing empowers individuals to make smarter choices and incorporates other food options such as pig or cod liver oil in their diet to achieve beautiful, radiant skin.

Painless and easy

Gathering a DNA sample is quick, painless and can be done on adults and children alike. All that is required is a simple cheek swab. Once the sample has been taken, it is submitted to AGS laboratory in Central and the data is analyzed. Each test is run twice for accuracy and then cross-referenced with a CLIA certified laboratory in the United States. This is standard practice to guarantee that the final report will provide accurate results that you can count on. Reports can be generated in either English or Chinese in as short as 7-10 days.

Achieve fitness goals through genetics

?People in Hong Kong are incredibly proactive with improving their personal fitness programs.? Having additional information for how each person best responds to certain types of exercise can be crucial to meeting a person?s fitness goals.? For the cost of a few personal training sessions or consultations with a nutritionist, you can have a once-in-a-lifetime test that helps outline what exercise may be best for you,? says Lance Bennett, AGS Co-Founder.

The AGS report includes a summary of 58 different genetic variations, which is more than any other genetic wellness test offered at this price in Hong Kong. Tested individuals can choose to go through the results with AGS?s dietitian in-person at the Central office or via online communication tools such as Skype and WeChat. Based on the individual?s diet and lifestyle recommendations, physicians, personal trainers or dietitians can create exercise and diet plans that are tailored to the unique genetic makeup. With information that enables effective prioritization of diet and exercise choices, genomic testing has opened up new hope for busy city people to maintain or acquire fitness and better health.

AGS Health and Wellness Genetic Test Promotional Price: HKD 4,300

AGS Child and Full-Time Student Health and Wellness Genetic Test Promotional Price: HKD 3,500

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