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Hong Kong – Hong Kong embraces some of the world?s most influential thinkers, strategists in the design industry at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, on the occasion of the annual ?Global Design Network (GDN) Symposium?. The two-day event comprises a Keynote Session and Roundtable Discussion for GDN members and public; we had an Open Dialogue cum Luncheon, an event attended by local and overseas SMEs, designers and manufacturers, on invitation basis.

Mr. Freeman Lau, Secretary General of Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations expressed, ?GDN?s achievement in creating a better living place for everyone has received widespread recognition. We have risen up various designs related topics for an open discussion with our member associations. With the support from the government and the creative industry, we have almost hundred associations to be our GDN member! I am proud to say that GDN has become one of the most significant design think-tanks in the world?.

The theme of this year?s GDN Symposium is ?THE Big Question ? the emerging role of design(ers)?. With much talk about how design can shape social behavior, and different people in the society taking a renewed interest in engaging designers to design (anything) and provide design related services, there has been an increasing awareness for the impact of design that goes beyond normal perception of simply enhancing aesthetic values and experience. In some ways, we are starting to see how design can catalyze societal transformations.

Facilitator and Speakers of the Keynote and Roundtable Discussion include Professor Cees de Bont, Dean of School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, Mr. Jason Hsu, Co-founder, The Big Questions, Taipei, and Mr. Frank Peters, Chief Executive of Chartered Society of Designers, London.

Frank has been the Chief Executive of the Chartered Society of Designers for almost 20 years, prior to which he ran his own creative consultancy. Frank mentioned that the roles of designers nowadays are not only focusing on graphic and visual communication, but including the whole package for the users, such as the influence of the users? experience and behavior. He also encouraged the fellow young designers to keep learning and embrace the rapid change scenario in the filed of design.

Mr. Jason Hsu from The Big Questions of Taiwan, wearing the multiple hats of design-thinker, entrepreneur and policy strategist, shared his insight on the role of design, which evolved a lot. Designers nowadays tend to transform themselves into the ?Changemaker?, further step into the Government of becoming the crucial members. Those ambitious designers tend to use the power of design to supervise the policy implement and to improve the social development.

Global Design Network (GDN) Symposium 2016 is organized by Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations (FHKDA), co-organized by Hong Kong Design Centre and Hong Kong Trade Development Council, with Create Hong Kong as Major Sponsor.

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