manila water and mitsubishi corporation completes pilot project with ycdc; turns over improved water system for 5000 residents to ycdc

Yangon – The consortium of Manila Water and Mitsubishi Corporation (or jointly, MMC) has successfully completed its Pilot District Metered Area (DMA) Project in partnership with Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC), fulfilling its promise to demonstrate its technical capabilities by undertaking a pilot project and successfully improving the water system in selected area.

In a turnover ceremony yesterday led by the Yangon City Mayor, His Excellency U Maung Maung Soe, YCDC Engineering (Water and Sanitation Department) received the completed DMA project report from MMC.

MMC reported a consolidated reduction of 40% in Water Loss levels in the project areas Htan Pin Gone in Insein and Block 14-2 in South Okkalapa. The reduction in water loss means both the increase in the registered customer consumption, as new customer meters have replaced the old and inaccurate meters, as well as less wasted water due to leak repairs and pipe replacements.

As a result of an improved water system, an average improvement of 2psi in water pressure throughout the DMA, improved water availability and access, and improved water quality as well.

His Excellency, Mayor Maung Maung Soe, who has been to Quezon City, Philippines last February to sign the sister city agreement between Quezon City and Yangon City, was very positive about the partnership among YCDC, Manila Water, and Mitsubishi Corporation. During his visit to the Philippines, the Mayor was able to go around and visit Manila Water’s operations and facilities in Metro Manila and in the province of Laguna. Manila Water’s headquarters is in Quezon City.

For his part, U Myint Oo, the Head of Department of YCDC Department of Engineering (Water and Sanitation), praised the pilot project results.

Speaking on behalf of Manila Water, Mr. Perry Rivera, Manila Water’s Chief Operating Officer for New Business, is hopeful for a scale-up of the partnership with YCDC. “Our pilot program demonstrates that we have the understanding, expertise and experience to support YCDC deliver sustainable water services.  We are encouraged to note that YCDC, under the leadership of the Mayor U Maung Maung Soe, is interested in co-developing a plan under PPP to address further reduction of non-revenue water on a larger scale and deliver piped potable water supply at reasonable cost to the public.”

Mr. Yukihiro Iwasaki, Deputy General Manager of Mitsubishi Corporation Yangon Branch, is convinced that the pilot project results proved that MMC can greatly improve the water system in Yangon City. “We are delighted to have contributed to the improvement of water supply service of Yangon City through this Pilot Project, and believe we could find our way forward to further do so by fully leveraging MC’s long presence and commitment in Myanmar, and Manila Water’s abundant track record in improving the water service not only in the Philippines but also in other South East Asian Countries.”

Throughout the project area, MMC gathered feedback from residents about their water supply experiences before and after the project has been completed:

 We think MMC performed well and the project has accomplished to provide sufficient water supply service into our quarter. As a result, water supply has greatly improved compared to before. So I am satisfied after the good performance of the MMC project team.

–          Mr. Nyo Win, Block 14/2 Quarter, South Okkalapa Township

After the completion of the pilot project of MMC, we have experienced a great improvement in water supply. Water quality standard has also improved. We are greatly satisfied, and we would like to express our gratitude to the MMC Project Team.

–          Dr. Thet Win, Block 14/2 Quarter, South Okkalapa Township

MMC performed systematically in repairing and replacing broken pipes and leaks, and as a result, water pressure has significantly improved. Prior to the project, it was not possible for the water to reach our storage tank without electric pump. After the Pilot project, water pressure has improved and water can now reach our storage tanks without the need for electric pump. Our community is really thankful for the good performance of the MMC Project Team.

–          Mr. Win Maw, Htan Pin Gone Quarter, Insein Township

MMC first replaced water meters with new ones and then repaired pipes with leaks, working in daytime and nighttime to reduce water losses. Water quality has significantly improved after the installation of a strainer at the inflow line meter by MMC.

–          Mr. Than Saw, Htan Pin Gone Quarter, Insein Township

We have observed that MMC project team put a great effort in repairing broken water pipes in order to reduce water losses. As a result, water pressure has improved especially after 10pm, our water storage tanks can be filled up as high as 15 feet high. Before the pilot project, electric pumps are needed to store water, but now, you just need to open the valve.

–          Mr. Sani Zaw Moe, Htan Pin Gone Quarter, Insein Township

 As a result of MMC’s work, water pressure became better than before. We have been saving money as a result since we now rely less on electric pump to have access to water, our electricity bill is lower.

–          Ms. Khin Myo Myint, Htan Pin Gone Quarter, Insein Township