h.e dr. amin al amiri: “we strive to provide smart services that exceed customer expectations”

UAE – HE Dr. Amin Hussein Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Policy and Licensing Sector in the Ministry of Health and Prevention met some of the ministry’s customers under the “An Hour with An Official” initiative that aims at enhancing the dialogue with customers, listening to their comments and suggestions on the quality of services to develop and accelerate work processes in order to exceed their expectations according to a set of performance indicators to ensure monitoring, review and development, which improves customers’ happiness.

Providing excellence in regulatory and control services to the health sector

Dr. Amin stressed the importance of this direct interaction with customers which contributes to the enhancement of the customers’ experience and their happiness in accordance with the ministry’s strategy towards enhancing public health through the provision of comprehensive and innovative health services fairly and in alignment with global standards, and to play the regulatory and control role in the health sector through a developed and integrated system of health legislations that establishes a culture of innovation, proactivity and effectiveness to achieve the best results and build quality and safety systems for treatment, health and medicine in line with the global standards. This can be achieved through a vital legislative framework and governance and through the provision of healthcare services and the control of the health sector.

A set of criteria and indicators for patient satisfaction in the field of health advertising and medical licensing 

His Excellency pointed out the importance of using the electronic and smart systems in the procedures of health, pharmaceutical and medical licensing for different health professions, as well as the importance of upgrading the various services provided by the public health policy and licensing sector for licensing health advertisement, pharmaceutical and medical professionals and facilities in line with a set of key performance indicators to meet customers’ expectations and deliver services of highest standard. H.E. directed the concerned departments to deal with the feedback received in accordance with the Ministry’s processes.

Continuous modernization and development of the health care system 

He pointed to the ministry’s efforts to achieve the vision of the government in raising the level and quality of health services and in sustaining achievements in order to enhance the country’s global competitiveness, achieve happiness for the society, and deliver excellence in implementing best international practices according to the objectives of the national Agenda 2021 and to prioritize the innovation, modernization and upgrade of the healthcare system.