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Hong Kong ? The?K11 Art Foundation (KAF) is proud to present?The Best Is Yet to Come, a residency exhibition moderated by Huang Xiaopeng.? Participating artists include Sha Lina and He Rui ? both active in the Wuhan art circle and emerging Hong Kong artists, Chan Ka Kiu and Wu Jiaru.? Presented in chi art space,?the exhibition runs from today till?18 December 2017.

The Best Is Yet to Come?facilitates exchanges between young artists, providing two artists in Hong Kong and two artists in Wuhan to gain a rare opportunity for reflective creation and face-to-face exchanges. Under the guidance of Huang Xiaopeng, the four artists visited major art institutions, schools and museums in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. They conducted in-depth conversations with art professionals and students to examine the similarities and differences between the three cities in terms of cultural, social and economic aspects. These visits and discussions allows artists to further develop their artistic practice and enhance the connections between art communities in the Pearl River Delta region.? This exhibition places emphasis on the process of creation and not so much looking for the conventional artwork production.? Through the experiences gained during the visit, the four artists will create new works for the exhibition that are inspired by the exchanges.

Sensitive to the characteristics of materials and media, Sha Lina incorporates her feelings towards society and everyday life to createworks?that utilizes various materials and visual language. Excelling in presenting personal perception of the cold violence in the society into his works, He Rui will use various video image and performance art to trigger reflection of reality.? Artist Chan Ka Kiu, who specializes in videos and installation, will create works around her fantasies stemming from daily life happenings.? Using images, lights and common everyday objects, Wu Jiaru combines her reflections of the society with an imagination of the future to create a spatial intervention in the exhibition venue.

Short-term residency programmes is always a challenge for artists.? KAF is turning this challenge into an opportunity for young artists to take an in-depth journey within a limited time frame to provide an experience that will have lasting effects on their creative practices. Their works are a record of this experience, vehicles of their labour, exchanges and discussions.? Visitors will walk into the exhibition feeling as if they have stepped into the artists? shoes, reliving their journeys across the three cities.? Moderator Huang Xiaopeng says, “The exchange of ideas will help us to deepen our understanding of globalization (the borders have become irrelevant). This?will build new ways of thinking and new ways of dealing with the relationship of the “others.?, realizing the possibilities of a new world that does not exclude individual identities.”

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