Memento Mori: Sonata for Light A Solo Exhibition by Amy Chan

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Opening Reception 24.11.2017 (Friday)?6- 8pm

Opening Performance:?7 pm

Sound Design/Percussionist-?Tim Chan;

Co-creation-?Natalie Cheung@Drama COLLABoratory

Artist Talk 9.12.2017?(Saturday)?3-4:30 pm

Guest Speaker:?Kang Sheng

Artists? Tours 10.12.2017?(Sunday)?4-5pm



Exhibition Period 24.11.2017-?7.1.2018
Opening Hours Tuesday?to?Sunday?11am-1pm;?2-6pm

(Closed on Mondays and public holidays)

Venue Lumenvisum-? L2-10, JCCAC, 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon

Lumenvisum is proud to present Amy Chan?s solo exhibition ?Memento Mori: Sonata for Light?, which showcases light artist Amy?s work. The exhibition starts with photography and then extends to the artist?s impression on images. Light as an important element towards imaging thus becomes the subject of this exhibition. Through the exhibition, Amy hopes that audiences may perceive and cogitate the correlation between photography, time and death.

Exploration between photography, time and death

Taking a photo seems to be preserving a memory of a moment, whereas death is also related to time. Amy touched on with photographs related to death when she first learnt about photography; that?s why to her, photography, time, and death are closely connected. 2-3 cameras without lens and containing incandescent light bulbs will be displayed in the exhibition. The light bulbs will flash in accordance with the camera?s shutter sound. The rhythm of?incandescent light bulbs flickers?is like breathing, also as a melody, constituting to a movement of light.

Interaction between audiences and the Exhibition

The theme of the Exhibition Memento Mori is a Medieval Latin theory and rumination towards death, meaning ?Not to forget people will eventually die.? Through different light and image installations, Amy hopes to bring up the topic of ?death.? There is no absolute message to be delivered but to let audiences experience, interpret and reflect on what is seen.

About Chan Bik Wan Amy

Chan Bik Wan Amy, light artist, theatre practitioner and practising pathologist. A Master of Fine Arts (with distinction) graduate of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, specialized in lighting design. Her interests include exploration of the performativity, theatricality and musicality of light in performances and installations, and crossing the borders among different art media and different disciplines. Lightscape (light and space) is the co-performer, protagonist and antagonist in her works.

Amy has been working as lighting designer, director, performer and playwright for various performances since 1991, and has designed lighting for over 40 theatre productions, art gallery and installations, including?A Tree to be Found, the installation artwork in Para Site in 2003, the award-winner of Hong Kong Arts Biennial 2003 and the collection of Hong Kong Museum of Art. Her original autobiographical theatre performance?Two girls from Ngau Tau Kok?(as co-creator, co-director, performer and lighting designer) has re-run in various theatre venues for 5 times throughout 9 years. The play was adapted into a graphic novel of the same title and an English radio play broadcasted in the Worldplay series 2003 of BBC channel. The original Chinese?script?and?the?translated English script were published?respectively.

Amy?s recent works include the interdisciplinary museum theatre performance and installation project?The Hong Kong Plague of 1894?(Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, 2014) (as co-creator, co-director, scenographer, curator and installation artist), light installation work?Cabinet of Curiosity?in?Pseudo Collection – What Do Artists Collect?(1a space, 2016) and site-specific light installation-performance?Morbid Anatomy?(Pathology Teaching Laboratory, 2016) (as creator, director, scenographer and performer).

About Lumenvisum

Lumenvisum is a registered charitable arts organization established in 2007. Dedicated to promoting the photographic art in Hong Kong, it regularly organised photo exhibitions, artist talks, photography courses as well as a wide range of exchange and educational activities. Apart from an art space, at its centre at JCCAC it also runs a library and a bookstore.

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