gigantic art installation at designinspire by hong kong design institute’s (hkdi) design talents

Hong Kong – Concurrent with the Business of Design Week, the DesignInspire 2017 exhibition held from 7-9 December at HKCEC will once again house HKDI’s creative booth which translate design talents’ vision and student ideas into a 10-metre-by-10-metre gigantic art installation. Three HKDI alumni, including award-winning paper art specialist Soilworm Lai, renowned illustrator Jane Lee and emerging graphic talent Violet Tai collectively designed the 100m2-space to offer the audience a unique experience to the most fundamental element in design – paper and paint.

In preparation for the 3-day exhibition, 100 HKDI students were led by the alumni to participate in the installation to enrich their design thinking and gain hands-on experience. A thousand of mini paper art pieces designed by Soilworm will be displayed at the venue to form a large installation that visitors could immerse in and walk through. With paper as the raw materials, Soilworm’s designs embody flexibility and accessibility that allow almost everyone to take part in and even create their own work, shortening the distance between the artist and the visitor. With their imagination, Jane and Violet decorate white mannequins with their illustrations. Jane’s signature illustration is colourful and dense, which highlights the metropolitan and compact nature of Hong Kong. She uses delightful characters to light up the booth just like her works lighting up towers and cities all over the world. Violet also drew her own story and thoughts on a mannequin for the visitors to explore.  In addition to the alumni works, students from different HKDI design programmes will also showcase their creativity and talent.  Exhibits include the graduate works from the Department of Fashion and Image Design, movies from Film & Television programme, poster designed by the Departments of Architecture, Interior and Product Design, Foundation Studies (Design), Communication Design and Digital Media.    Besides, mini-workshops will be held during the exhibition period to allow the public to get a taste of design.