the memories of tomorrow: a solo exhibition by lau wai

Opening Reception 6.7.2018 (Friday) 6-8pm
Artist’s Talks 29.7.2018 (Sunday) 3-4:30 pm
Exhibition Period 6.7 – 12.8.2018
Opening Hours Tuesday to Sunday 11am-1pm; 2-6pm (Closed on Mondays and public holidays)
Venue Lumenvisum-  L2-10, JCCAC, 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon

Docent-guided visits available for groups. Please contact us for details.

Lumenvisum is proud to present Lau Wai’s solo exhibition “The Memories of Tomorrow”, which showcases Lau’s latest on-going project. Starting from the description of “Orient” and Hong Kong, the artist considers how these representations play a role in the “identity formation” process of the depicted cities, regions and ethnic groups. Lau uses ingenious combinations of Computer Graphics, travel postcards, historical photographs, and Hollywood movie stills, to complete a series of uncanny multi-media works, including light-box, still pictures, and videos. The artist hopes that the audience can explore the relationship between images, culture, and identity through the exhibition; reflect on the influence of Hollywood’s popular culture in the world, and how does it continuously convey the expressions of different regions, races, ethnicities, and genders to the global audience.

Questioning the process of creation in an absurd form

The artist is currently focusing on the “Orient” portrayed in the Hollywood movie from the 1950s to the present. In the early and iconic stage, it shows how Hong Kong is interpreted, constructed and delivered to the global audience, in particular, the relevant statements about Hong Kong. From the “The World of Susie Wong” in 1960 to the influence of cyberpunk and animation culture in the 1980s, the film described the “Orient” along with a futuristic impression. At that time, the film creators, as foreigners, portrayed Hong Kong with real-life videography and their own imagination. In the process of the gradual establishment of these expressions, there is often a mutual influence and condolence relationship in all aspects. Perhaps it is the relationship between seeing and being seen, perhaps the intertwining between the other person’s imagination and personal experience and how to gradually consolidate these impressions. These concepts and imagination play an important role in the “identity formation” process of Hong Kong and its ethnic groups, and even affect how local individual or group think and act. In this exhibition, the artist creates a series of unusual scenes through his multi-image media work and asks questions about the process of creation and establishment of these expressions in an absurd form.

About Lau Wai

Lau Wai currently lives and works in Hong Kong. Her works primarily explore the relationship between narratives in history and personal memories, as well as how collective and individual consciousness, gender and cultural representations are formed. She draws inspiration from personal and historical materials, as well as popular cultures. She graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art.

Past exhibitions include (selected): ‘Relativity Hypothesis’, J: Gallery (Shanghai, China, 2018);  ‘Photo Booth‘, Para Site, Art Basel Hong Kong 2017 (Hong Kong, China, 2017); ‘Follow Me’, OCAT Shenzhen (Shenzhen, China, 2018) & OCAT Shanghai (Shanghai, China, 2017);  ‘Cities and Memory’, Brandts Museum (Odense, Denmark, 2016); Les Photaumnales 2016 (Beauvais, France, 2016);  ‘A Room with a View’, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Singapore (Singapore,2016); ‘Adrift‘, OCAT Shenzhen (Shenzhen, China, 2016); ‘Imagine There’s No Country, Above Us Only Our Cities’, Para Site (Hong Kong, China, 2015); The 7th Three Shadows Photography Award, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (Beijing, China, 2015); Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale (Echigo Tsumari, Japan, 2015); Lianzhou International Photo Festival (Lianzhou, China, 2013 & 2014).


About Lumenvisum

Lumenvisum is a registered charitable arts organization established in 2007. Dedicated to promote the photographic art in Hong Kong, it regularly organizes photo exhibitions, artist talks, photography courses as well as a wide range of exchange and educational activities. Apart from an art space, at its Centre in JCCAC, it also runs a library and a bookstore.