GFI?s Brand Healthy Farm Promoted the Habits of Healthy Eating

Global Food Industries? brand Healthy Farm made another landmark by launching its Healthy Living Program at GEMS Educations? The Kindergarten Starters school on April 24, 2019. Global Food Industries (GFI) is part of Albatha Holding, one of the leading conglomerates in the UAE.

The program in the UAE is aimed to imbibe the values of healthy nutrition at an early age among the children. The program is a unique program to be included in the curriculum. The curriculum will consist of 13 modules. These modules cover a wide range of activities to offer to young learners. The teaching of this unique program will take place through videos, creative storytelling, interesting videos, etc. to make the Young Chef Academy Program easy. The 13 modules are ?Healthy Meals and Snacks;? ?Healthy Living/My Pledge;? ?Fresh Vegetables and Salads;? ?Healthy Beverages and Smoothies;? ?Bakery;? ?Food Innovation;? ?Food Communication;? ?Healthy Eating Habits;? ?Balanced Diet;? ?Exercise;? ?Basics in Kitchen Safety;? ?Etiquette;? and ?Food Presentation.? Chefs and nutritionists have contributed to the formation of these modules to get the desired results. 5,000 students have access to this program offered by Healthy Farm to bring forth the values of healthy living in local society. The program focuses on building a healthy lifestyle in children to maintain a healthy pace with the vision of the leadership of the UAE.

Jacek Plewa, General Manager GFI shared his views on the need for incorporating healthy eating habits in children from the very beginning. Clinical dietician Zeina Bachir also highlighted the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Bachir?s lecture was followed by the distribution of  ?Healthy Living Book?, specially designed for young learners. The event concluded with healthy snacks prepared by young scholars with the assistance of chefs and nutritional experts from Healthy Farm.

According to a recent report by Ipsos Ethnography Centre of Excellence, a sudden rise in the health-related issues among children has been noted due to lesser physical activities. The Young Chef Academy Program has laid its focus to eradicate these problems and guide the parents and children to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Farm’s team found this event amazing and had a great time in sharing their skills with young learners.

Jacek Plewa, General Manager, GFI, said: ?Healthy Farm was developed with the future of our children and our local communities in mind. As such, apart from offering families a range of healthy food choices, we aim to educate and focus on the well-being and healthy living of our kids. Tapping fun and educational ways, we seek to instill in our children the love of delicious and nutritious good food. We aspire to develop in them a mindset of prioritizing their health, making conscious decisions about their wellbeing, leading to a happy, long and fulfilling life. The Healthy Living Program seeks to educate our kids about the benefits of superfoods over other food ingredients and equip them with the ability to correctly identify healthy versus unhealthy food. We are happy to work with The Kindergarten Starters in this significant endeavor. Like us, the school also envisions a world where our children are empowered through education to lead a healthy lifestyle?. He added, being the first Emirati company to offer a healthy range of food products, GFI is gaining momentum and it also adheres to the attempts made by the UAE Government to improve the quality of life while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Farm has promised to make the people believe in the concept of healthy eating habits and make it one of their habits. It is a pioneer in catering to the needs of consumers who have opted for healthy food. The food range has a number of nutritious and delicious food which can substitute the taste of their meat counterparts. This is in part of the ?Never from Meat? initiative of the brand. By this, the brand also fulfills the needs of vegetarian and vegan consumers.

GFI?s innovative Healthy Farm products have given a new dimension to its recognition and increased demand. This is the second time in a row that GFI has been awarded for innovation. GFI?s Healthy Farm is the first brand to win four Gulfood Innovation Awards for three consecutive years.

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