Marriott International: Ready for Expanding its Business in Asia-Pacific with 40by2020 Vision

Marriott International disclosed its development strategy in the 15th Hotel Investment Conference held in South Asia. Marriott International is ready to open 1000 hotels by 2020. The vision has already been implemented with a prospect to open approximately 100 hotels in 2019 itself. The preferred locations are Australia, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Nepal, and India. It will also bring employment opportunities in the said regions.

Craig S. Smith, President, and Managing Director, Marriott International Asia Pacific feel pleased to make the travelers acquaint with new destinations and brands. For this, a special programme named Marriott Bonvoy has been initiated. He commented on a traveler?s need for demands that need to be fulfilled and while associated with the Marriott International, Craig feels that it is their duty to do so. He added, ? As the world?s leading hospitality company, it is in our DNA to strive to be part of our guests’ favorite moments and memories. We are dedicated to Marriott International remaining Asia Pacific?s favorite travel company.?

Marriott International has the maximum hopes with China, India, and Indonesia as the main regions for the development since these are the most populated nations of the world. China is the most populated country, having a huge amount of visitors. Marriott is expecting to open 300 hotels in the pipeline, which is more than 50 percent of the said target. It is also expected that there will be 30 new Marriott hotels in China this year. China is followed by India when it comes to the launch of new hotels. After the achievement of 100th Marriott International hotel milestone in 2018, Marriott International wants to have positive results from India for its select-service brands and the lavish lifestyle it offers to its visitors. After India, Southeast Asia is the region for development by Marriott. At the recent ASEAN Tourism Forum, the ASEAN National Tourism Organizations declared to put down efforts to encourage tourism. For this, Marriott International has come forward and with its marketing strategies, it is expecting a growth momentum there. It has also incorporated the Pacific region with an anticipation of 50 hotels to be launched by 2020. Marriott International is going to make a debut in Australia with The Luxury Collection and The Ritz-Carlton to be launched by the end of 2019 and June 2019 respectively.  

Marriott International is focussing on new destinations in the Asia Pacific with Marriott Bonvoy. It is a special programme initiated to encourage hassle-free tourism. With this, travelers can easily access the latest website of Asia Pacific to get services at a single click with complete information about the destinations and experiences. With this platform, Marriott International has planned to launch the first foray in Myanmar by 2020 with the opening of Sheraton Young Hotel.

No wonder how big the development projects are, the key to success will be the conventional one. It has been stated clearly that Marriott International will work on the principles on which it has been working from the very beginning. It will raise job opportunities in the travel and tourism sector. Marriott International is an organization dedicated towards its associates and the countries. For the development of its employees, the rising business brings improvement in the living standards resulting in the financial empowerment of the country. Putting the needs of the people has been the culture of Marriott International for around 90 years. This core value is the main reason behind its success.

Marriott International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAR) is a leading hotel brand with its brands over 130 countries and territories. Based in Maryland, USA, it currently owns 6,900 properties in 30 leading hotel brands. Now, with the 2020 vision, it is all set to expand the business to serve the travelers.

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