Millennials and Generation Z let their Decisions Affected by Influencers: Study by Vero.

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The results of the Vero Influencer Impact Study have been compiled into a Whitepaper named The Power of Influencer Marketing.

People who feel comfortable with modern youth must be completely aware of the difficulties faced by them while making a decision. Millennials and Generation Z (Gen Z) are pretty serious about this. The youngsters get easily affected by the influencers and make a comparison between their own lives and that of an influencer. According to the Influencer Impact Study by Vero, a marketing services agency focussing on ASEAN having offices in Bangkok, the young people want to imitate the influencers for the choices they make. No form of advertisement can affect the choice of a person who wants to follow an influencer.

The Influencer Impact Study came up with many significant results. It was found over 80 percent of people belonging to different generations regularly check for updates posted by the influencers who they follow on different social media platforms. It was also found that 59 percent of Millennials purchased things advised by the influencers. These people want influencers to promote the products. Brian Giffin, CEO of Vero called this a ?dramatic change?. He commented on the decision-making ability of an individual which is governed by the social media stars nowadays. He added, ?The rise of influencers is not a hyped-up trend, but rather a dramatic change in how effective marketing will be done for the foreseeable future.?

This Influencer Impact Study was conducted at the beginning of 2019 and its results are compiled into a whitepaper. People belonging to Generation Z (ages 16-23) and Millennial (ages 24-35) participated in this study and shared their views. For the study, an influencer was defined as a blogger and then it was taken further.

Mr. Tanawat Nutsatit feels personal interaction should always be there to make your blog successful.

Mr. Tanawat Nutsatit, Strategic Creative Manager at Vero who is also an influencer has a famous blog named Sneaker on Sight providing lifestyle content about athletic footwear and running. His works are not only based on the brands only. He also believes in the process of personal interaction. He treats his followers like friends and tries to give them the best advice to help them. He highlighted the importance of interaction between an influencer and the customer. He added, ?With traditional advertisements on TV or in print, there is no dialog and no relationship.  But influencers really get to know people ? the relationships are genuine and the interaction is mostly online but also sometimes offline. It?s a very effective platform for brands to communicate with people.?

Ms. Ploychompoo Nitipaisalkul suggests that it is only the honest and sincere views that can make any blog or YouTube channel fortunate.

Ms. Ploychompoo Nitipaisalkul, a Digital Account Executive at Vero who works with influencers on behalf of brands feels the key to success is the sincere actions. She is also an influencer enjoying good followers on Instagram. She puts her efforts to communicate with her followers time-to-time. For this, she has started a YouTube channel also. For the channel also, she is willing to be available with honest and sincere views to make it successful. She says, ?The more I learn how powerful an impact of influencers can have on their viewer?s and follower?s lives, the more I feel that these honest points of view that I share can help people create a new voice for health and wellness for women in Thailand.?

The reliable sense and honesty is the key to become a successful influencer. These influencers constantly get in touch with their followers, unlike celebrities. They guide the followers from their own experiences and help them in the best ways possible. Fans want their favorite influencers to promote branded products so that they can come to know about the products with much ease. The fans prefer video endorsements over photos. The ?unboxing? or the ?unpacking? videos are liked by the customers as these videos add a personal touch in the product to affect the purchase.

People belonging to different age groups were surveyed and as a result, these preferences got compiled into a whitepaper. While Millennials grew up with lesser or no social media platforms, expensive internet services, Generation Z never lacked internet services which helped them to make decisions. The Vero Influencer Impact Study has been aimed to know the preferences of the two generations.

Vero is an agency offering marketing services in ASEAN countries. It has offices in Thailand, Myanmar, and Vietnam and set for further growth.

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