Nescens Clinique de Genolier Aims to Help Weight-Loss with a Tailor-Made Plan.

A tailor-made weight loss programme has been implemented by a luxury Swiss medical center to prevent obesity among the UAE?s local population. This programme will show direct results in the reduction of weight.

Keeping the 2019 UAE National Health Survey in consideration which showed some surprising results, Nescens Clinique de Genolier has created the ?La Cure Nescens? programme. This is a unique plan for six months incorporating complete medical check-ups, nutritional, behavioral and physical coaching.

Julien Donzel, the Director of the Clinic criticized the excessive weight and warned about its life-threatening consequences. With the introduction of ?La Cure Nescens?, it would be much easier to find ways to tackle obesity and achieving a healthy lifestyle. First two weeks of this six-month plan are dedicated to an intensive two-week module at the clinic itself. The medical staff will supervise the patients and will look after their nutritional, behavioral and physical examinations.

The Clinic?s founder, Professor Jacques Proust is pretty serious about this plan. He shared the proper measures to control excess weight. After the patients are in the clinic for two days, their habits and lifestyle will be analyzed and, the diet will be planned accordingly.  He has also tried to include physical activities according to each client keeping in mind the diet and exercise to go hand-in-hand while achieving the best results. The two-week stay at the clinic will be followed by timely e-consultations to keep a check on the progress. A two-day stay at the clinic after the completion of the programme for final medical tests will be the end of this weight-loss programme. ?It?s important for us to not only assess the client?s individual biological characteristics to provide a unique plan for weight loss, but to also keep an eye on how they develop over the coming months,? added Proust. ?Adjustments to their plans, be it their diet or exercise routine, is a necessity that could have a dramatic impact on the efficiency of the entire programme.? He made sure to tackle this problem of obesity across the region by introducing it in other GCC countries.  

The clinic will arrange for the best facilities for its clients. It will provide preventative and regenerative medicine, genetic screenings, nutrition advice, physical and osteoarticular care, as well as aesthetic medicine and stem cell programmes. The clients can stay in five-star hotels. Patients from the Middle East will get an additional benefit as they can use the clinic?s center of expertise in physiotherapy, sports coaching, etc.

Nescens Clinique de Genolier is a Swiss medical center, a leading innovator in lifestyle-related medical conditions. The clinic will attend this year?s International Luxury Travel Market at the Arabian Travel Market. Representing over 1400 doctors across 65 clinical specialties, Genolier Patient Services will take part in ILTM Arabia, from 28-29 April in Exhibition Hall 1, Dubai World Trade Centre.

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