Omeir Saeed Gears UP for UAE?s Wakeboard Championship with his 11-year-old Brother.

Omeir Saeed, UAE?s athlete is ready to compete in UAE?s Wakeboard Championship in Abu Dhabi on April 19, 2019. He has already planned for the world series next year. The 21-year-old athlete is all set to mark his presence with the beginning of the event at Abu Dhabi?s Breakwater at 8:30 AM.

Omeir is working hard to achieve the UAE Wakeboard Championship 2019 going to be held on April 19, 2019.

Omeir won the world championship in 2012 and ranked fourth in the WWA Wake Park World Championships in Abu Dhabi in 2014 and was termed as a professional athlete in 2014 itself. Now after completing his graduation in finance, at the American University in Sharjah and now he is ready to give his career a good start with advanced studies.

He commented on achieving every opportunity that will come in his way. He said: ?I compete everywhere I can at the moment and next year I?d like to take part in the world series again. I got into the top four in the rankings last time when I did just two of the five rounds so I know I can do better next time.?

The UAE Wakeboard Championship held by Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club is also welcoming Ahmed, Omeir?s 11-year-old brother, so if he wins, the family can see double success. Omeir also commented on his brother?s participation. He said: ?He is very good for his age, the best in the UAE, and has won the last two events when we competed together.?

The championship has three categories for Novice, Junior, and Freeride. The categories are for males and females of all ages. The tricks are the main basis for the judgment. The challenge for which the contestants are judged are the tests performed by them behind a motorboat traveling at a speed of 30-40 km/hr.

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