The Hostmaker Initiates Interior Design Service in Thailand

The renowned home rental management company based in Europe, the Hostmaker has launched interior design service in Thailand. This service will imply its expertise in the creation and improvised interiors for homes and homestays. The homes and the properties will be added more vibrant details with this interior design service enabling the hosts to earn more profits. The online service will be accessible by a large number of tenants and those who are seeking for homestays while on a vacation.

It has been observed that properties designed or refurbished by the interior designing team of the Hostmaker attract more customers compared to its earlier services. A significant increase is visible which is 39% higher than the market average. These properties go ahead of others by having 80% annual occupancy.

The Hostmaker?s affordable interior design service allows the property owners to get more benefits with fewer investments.

The trend for well-designed homes has been recently started and the visitors expect the place to be classic yet comfortable. Aradaya (Ticha) Kaewnoi, an interior designer in Bangkok, associated with the Hostmaker, came up with the most effective tips for property owners in Thailand to charm the customers by attracting them. The global trends are the unique and innovative ideas a customer would fall for.

A blend of the Old and Modern Trends is one of the most experimented trends for designing a space. The traditional colors, when mixed with modern textures, lead to the most beautiful results creating wonderful interiors. Use of cheerful colors like Mint Green and Danish Blue, the top two trending colors of the season is liked by many property-owners making them stand out of the mainstream league. Humans have a tendency to get attracted to Unique Textures. the Hostmaker makes sure that all unique elements should be mixed to complement each other irrespective of their differences. Scandivanian Interior has also been liked by many people. The Scandivanian Interior style is a simple piece of art with clean lines with soothing colors.

With 50,000 properties listed for rent currently, the Hostmaker views Thailand as a major destination for growth.

CEO and co-founder of the Hostmaker, Nakul Sharma commented on interior designing as the key feature of the services offered by the Hostmaker to please the customers. He also put forward the demands of the modern traveler who wants to make the stay smooth with the joy of exploring new destinations. He said: ?With the Hostmaker, ?comfort’ is about getting the basics right: great wi-fi, hotel-quality linen, and a comfortable bed. While, ?discovery’ is about exciting the senses: elements of surprise, different textures, experimental colors. Our interior design team is the experts at the latter, using bold, characterful interiors that will create a memorable experience for guests and offer a memorable stay experience. We are therefore delighted to be bringing this service to homeowners in Bangkok who can now benefit from the boosted rental returns that great interior design brings.?

Now, the Hostmaker is offering its services globally. Over 1/5th of the properties in the portfolio of the Hostmaker have been designed by the expert team. Besides, Thailand is a good opportunity for the Hostmaker as over 50,000 properties have been listed recently for rent in Bangkok, which has opened many ways to make a living through improved rental returns by providing interior design service. The Hostmaker interior design service is flexible to suit every budget standard offering fast deliveries. In Thailand, the services start from 5,000 THB (excluding VAT) per square meter.

Founded by Nakul Sharma in 2014, Hostmaker is an interior design company offering its services to top-notch clients like Marriott International, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Zoopla, etc. The company provides characterful interior design at the most economical prices. Currently, it has its reach over nine international destinations to attract the maximum number of customers.

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