Dubai Government Workshop conducts ‘Kashkha Eid’ for its female employees.

Dubai Government Workshop (DGW) disclosed its latest initiative, ‘Kashkha Eid’. The move is a step taken to cheer the female employees of the organization and help reduce their efforts while preparing for Eid Al Fitr. This initiative will enable women to save time to choose their outfits for Eid. ‘Kashkha Eid’ will bring joy and pleasure in the hearts of DGW’s female employees in the Holy Month of Ramadan.

‘Kashkha Eid’ is an initiative in partnership with Moving Boutique. The project will act as a creative and ideal platform to increase social communication among female employees. This initiative will also focus on the promotion of the latest fashion by local designers.

Zaineb Ahmed Rashed Al Qasim, President of the Women’s Committee in DGW commented on the goals set for the initiative which is to bring happiness to the female employees. She pointed out that ‘Kashkha Eid’ will invoke the feelings of harmony, friendship, brotherhood, and solidarity among employees. Besides, the project will also showcase the essence of authentic Emirati customs and the noble values of Islam. Moreover, Zaineb Ahmed stated that through ‘Kashkha Eid’, the local designers of the Emirate will get recognition and their creations will be promoted easily.

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